Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'd like you to meet my best friend Bobble. He and I have an intimate relationship and I don't go anywhere without him. No I am not cheating on my husband, I am talking about my reusable water bottle. I LOVE my Bobbles. I have two sizes; a 32 oz. and the 18 oz. I love drinking water out of them; something about drinking water in style keeps me going back to the faucet! The Bobble has a built-in filter in the nozzle and you can buy replacement nozzles in different colors. It's really nice to be able to fill my water bottle with water from pretty much anywhere, and not have to worry about it!

My 32 oz is my go-to bottle that I refill at least five times a day and
my 13 oz. fits perfectly in my stroller cup holder.
If you don't mind frequent bathroom visits, here are
a few things that I do to help me drink more everyday:
*Drink a big glass (or bobble!) as soon as you wake up.
*Drink a glass before and after every meal.
*Drink a glass after every bathroom visit. (This way
  I always have water in my system!)
*Drink a glass when you know you aren't hungry but
  you need something in your tummy.
*Drink a glass anytime you are thinking about it.

I bought my Bobble at Target with my REAL best friend Robin, but here is the official website: There is also a 13 oz. available, but my Target doesn't carry it.

My Kitchen Wish List

We should be getting the keys to our new house next week!! I'm SO anxious to get in my kitchen and organize all of my favorite tools and essentials.

There are a few things that I do not have that I want to get after we get settled. I usually get Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in the mail that I might use to get some of the things I want. Also, Home Goods and Target have great deals on fun kitchen gadgets!

*Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
I cannot survive anymore without these!!  I have standard measuring cups that allow you to pour ingredients, but I am unable to pack brown sugar into those. These are a must-have!     


*Old Fashion Can Opener
I have one of these:

While this can opener is great because it doesn't  leave a sharp edge, when the lid comes off, there is no way to squeeze out juice when necessary (i.e. tuna). So I need one of these:

*An Assortment of Mason Jars
I have three cases of Mason Jars in my  Amazon cart right now! (A case of 1 Qt., 16 oz., and 8 oz. jars.) I am anxious to make delicious things to give away, I plan to use them for storing an array of different ingredients, and I absolutely adore the look of them!

*Silpat (Baking Mats)
These will replace my parchment paper when baking. I love parchment paper, but these are a greener way to bake.

*Pink Spatula:
I found this one on, and I love it! It has great reviews and pink is my favorite color. I could use another spatula because I only have one, and I use it everyday!

*Espresso Tamper:
My espresso machine has a built in tamper, but it doesn't pack the espresso enough. I have a few years of Barista experience behind me, and I loved using the metal tampers when I had to hand pack espresso.


*Milk Pitcher:
Another accessory for my espresso machine. :]

*9x9 Inch Pan
I have every other pan you can think of but this one! There are so many recipes that call for this pan and sometimes I just need a little square of something.

I'll keep you posted if I find any of these, and I'll probably be adding more to this list!! What are some kitchen things that you can't live without? I'd love to get more ideas.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ruth Reinker

This post is for my fabulous sister Ruth.

I am working on a few different things that I will be posting before the end of the month.

I so appreciate my blog fans and I am going to work harder on being a better blogger.

Thank you for sticking with me!