Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'd like you to meet my best friend Bobble. He and I have an intimate relationship and I don't go anywhere without him. No I am not cheating on my husband, I am talking about my reusable water bottle. I LOVE my Bobbles. I have two sizes; a 32 oz. and the 18 oz. I love drinking water out of them; something about drinking water in style keeps me going back to the faucet! The Bobble has a built-in filter in the nozzle and you can buy replacement nozzles in different colors. It's really nice to be able to fill my water bottle with water from pretty much anywhere, and not have to worry about it!

My 32 oz is my go-to bottle that I refill at least five times a day and
my 13 oz. fits perfectly in my stroller cup holder.
If you don't mind frequent bathroom visits, here are
a few things that I do to help me drink more everyday:
*Drink a big glass (or bobble!) as soon as you wake up.
*Drink a glass before and after every meal.
*Drink a glass after every bathroom visit. (This way
  I always have water in my system!)
*Drink a glass when you know you aren't hungry but
  you need something in your tummy.
*Drink a glass anytime you are thinking about it.

I bought my Bobble at Target with my REAL best friend Robin, but here is the official website: There is also a 13 oz. available, but my Target doesn't carry it.

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