Sunday, July 10, 2011

Must-Have Bags!

I was able to get these reusable produce bags for next to nothing when was having a deal. I bought a voucher that was good for $20 worth of reusable bags by Esse (, for $8. When I signed up for SaveMore, I got a $10 credit so my purchase was FREE! (I just had to pay shipping for the bags) Normally, each pouch of produce bags are $11.95. After using the bags several times, I believe they are well worth the $12. It was so nice that I got a great deal, but I love them so much that I would have paid full price for them! I'm even thinking about buying more as gifts.

I decided to purchase produce bags because I have a plethora of everyday reusable bags and I had never seen reusable produce bags before!

What a find!!

We went to the farmers market on Saturday with one big reusable bag and one of our pouches of produce bags. We were able to get all of our produce and other items in all of our produce bags that conveniently fit in the one big reusable bag. All of our purchases were separate and it was nice not having a pile of plastic produce bags from all of the vendors.

Each package of six bags comes in a cute pouch with a carabiner clip attached (which makes it SO convenient to clip onto other reusable bags, purses, backpacks, etc.) The produce bags are 11" x 14" and are made of washable nylon mesh.

I'm posting about these bags because I REALLY like them! If you buy a lot of produce and go through a ton of produce bags, I highly recommend these! They are washable and come with a draw string for easy closure; I love that feature! 

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