Friday, January 27, 2012

Citrus Cleaner

Another jar activity!

This cleaner is inexpensive, easy to make, and safe! Such a great way to clean your house without the nasty ingredients that other cleaners have. Cleaning with vinegar is a great way to kill bacteria, mold, and grease. However, it's super stinky! The natural oils in the citrus will cut through the stink while the vinegar does it's job! The citrus also has essential oils that add to your cleaning experience.

All you need is vinegar & citrus peels. (I only went through oranges and limes in the few days that I made this, but feel free to add grapefruit & lemons rinds too)

Pour the vinegar in a 1 quart mason jar. You want to use a large jar so you have enough room for all of your peels. I poured about 1 cup of vinegar in my jar. Start gathering citrus peels and add them to the vinegar. Just keep the jar on your counter, out of the way, and keep adding peels. Use a wooden spoon to jam them in there tight!

(This picture was taken before I added a lot more peels!)

Once you have a good amount of peels, let them sit in the vinegar for a couple of days. Carefully strain the liquid into a cup and transfer into a spray bottle.

You can add a little water or a lot of water, it's up to you. I decided to fill the rest of my spray bottle with water. I've noticed that I need to shake the bottle before spraying the cleaner because of the natural oils from my citrus that run throughout the bottle.  Happy cleaning!


  1. You are so clever. I'm so doing this!

  2. Thanks! You should try it; it really works great!