Monday, February 28, 2011

Ceramic Light Centerpiece

I have a few ceramic mugs and small pitchers that my Dad made in the 70's that I use for decoration because of their unique and rustic flare. I gathered three of them to make this centerpiece. You can use any wide-mouth vase, mug or bowl. If you don't have any dishes to choose from, go to your local thrift store, they might have a selection of vintage pieces that are different and fun.  For this centerpiece, you will need your choice of dishware, an LED puck, and a bag of glass gems that can be found in the craft or candle section at Target or Walmart.
Set the LED puck inside the mug than cover with the gems. Depending on the depth of the mug or bowl, place gems in the container first so that the LED puck is toward the top.

This centerpiece is pretty night or day! You can also put them on side tables or up the sides of a staircase for decoration or extra light. Just press the puck ON through the gems.  

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  1. I'm so doing this with Dad's mugs...that or the plan was to use them as faux vases (Anthropologie style).