Monday, February 28, 2011

Flipped Tips

This is a super fun way to change up your nail polish routine! You'll need two colors of nail polish, a clear top coat, and hole punch reinforcement stickers. I chose Fuchsia Shock Creme by NYC, Pink Lingerie by Revlon, and Extra Life No Chip Top Coat by Revlon. Don't rush this project! Pop in a movie and take your time to get it just right. It's worth the wait!
First, paint your nails with the color you want for the base of your nails.
Wait until your nails are compleatly dry before placing the stickers on them. I found that the NYC nail polish dries quickly. Once you have the stickers in position, paint on your top coat; two coats should make it perfect.
The Revlon polish takes a little longer to dry so just be really patient and keep the stickers on for a while. When you are ready, carefully peel off the stickers and brush on the clear top coat.
You can use ANY colors for this! If you use a soft white for the base color and a light pink (like Pink Lingerie) for the top, it makes for a great flipped French tip look.