Thursday, June 2, 2011

Balancing Act

Whether you are watching your favorite TV show, reading, or doing work on the computer, try sitting on a yoga ball instead of spending time on the couch or an office chair! This is a great way to help with your balance and strengthen muscles without breaking a sweat! Why waste valuable workout time?


 Try one or all of these exercises:

*Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, gently bounce up and down on your yoga ball. With every pulse, relax your upper body and engage your hips, butt, and core muscles. (Make sure to keep your back nice and straight for all of these exercises. Don't slouch.)

* Swing your hips to the left and right slowly and with precision, all while keeping the top half of your body still and relaxed (remember, you might be typing or holding a book through all of this!).

*Do the same swinging motions, but from front to back. Keep your shoulders relaxed and you core tight as you press your hips forward then back.

*Sit on the yoga ball upright and keep your top half still while you rotate your hips on the ball in a circular motion. Rotate 10 times clockwise then switch to counter clockwise. It's seriously the easiest workout! (I'm doing it as I'm writing this!)

Also, remember to keep your water bottle filled and close by!! :)

Stay hydrated and enjoy the AMAZING benefits of a yoga ball!!

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