Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grilled Almond Butter + Strawberry Sandwich

I just devoured this deliciously crispy and savory sandwich for breakfast! It has fabulous flavor and perfect texture.

This recipe was adapted from OhSheGlows.com.

  • 3 pieces of whole grain bread (Costco has my favorite Organic whole grain bread)
  • strawberry jam (Costco also has the BEST Organic Strawberry Spread)
  • chunky almond butter
  • Earth Balance butter
Start by spreading almond butter on one slice of bread then spread jam on top of that. Repeat on a second slice of bread and place on top of the first slice. Place the third slice of bread on top. of both.

Spread Earth Balance on the top slice of bread and place butter side down in a heated skillet. Once in the skillet, spread more butter on the top slice. (Probably not the safest thing, but it worked).
I like my grilled sandwiches a little browner, so I let mine grill for a little longer than normal. DELISH!! <3

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  1. Will be making this ASAP! Oh and I have totally seen that bread before! They actually carry it at the commissary so I am going to get it on our next trip there :)